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Alfa Edu Centre is founded by Mr Omar and his wife in 1985 with the first branch in Tampines. With producing result, there is an increasing demand to expand more branches in Singapore. Hence he procced to expand his branches to Yishun, Hougang, Woodlands and Jurong West. With his unique system in teaching, he had produced a lot of outstanding students in the journey. His children also were nurtured by him into MOE teachers and subsequently take over his business in 2000.

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“We care for every student and see potential growth in everyone of them”

Mr Chua, Co-Founder


In additional to our successful teaching system, we still continue to upgrade ourselves like sending some of our teachers for upgrading skills.

We are a group of teachers from different background to share our experience to bring improvement to every children.

Some of the teachers are NLP trained which equipped them with the skillset to empower the student with the right mindset to improve their grades.

NLP can be understood in terms of three broad components and the central concepts pertaining to those:

We experience the world subjectively thus we create subjective representations of our experience. These subjective representations of experience are constituted in terms of five senses and language. That is to say our subjective conscious experience is in terms of the traditional senses of vision, audition, tactition, olfaction and gustation such that when we—for example—rehearse an activity “in our heads”, recall an event or anticipate the future we will “see” images, “hear” sounds, “taste” flavours, “feel” tactile sensations, “smell” odours and think in some (natural) language. Furthermore it is claimed that these subjective representations of experience have a discernible structure, a pattern. It is in this sense that NLP is sometimes defined as the study of the structure of subjective experience.
Behavior can be described and understood in terms of these sense-based subjective representations. Behavior is broadly conceived to include verbal and non-verbal communication, incompetent, maladaptive or “pathological” behavior as well as effective or skillful behavior.
Behavior (in self and others) can be modified by manipulating these sense-based subjective representations.

Consciousness. NLP is predicated on the notion that consciousness is bifurcated into a conscious component and an unconscious component. Those subjective representations that occur outside of an individual’s awareness comprise what is referred to as the “unconscious mind”.

Learning. NLP utilizes an imitative method of learning—termed modeling—that is claimed to be able to codify and reproduce an exemplar’s expertise in any domain of activity. An important part of the codification process is a description of the sequence of the sensory/linguistic representations of the subjective experience of the exemplar during execution of the expertise.


We divide and conquer, we simplify the logic for easier understanding to the children.

Not only focus on academic, we also focus on the personal growth:

1. Belief – The Power of Words.
2. Goals – Smart Goal Setting.
3. Time Management – How to manage Time?
4. Effective Reading – How to Read Effectively?
5. Information Gathering – Pareto Principle.
6. Sticky Note Making – How to make notes?
7. Super Memory – How to memorize things fast?
8. Thinking & Application Skills – How to do well in exams?
9. Revision Strategies – How to revise?
10. Exam Skills – How to prepare for exams?

We will spend time understanding individual state of mind from his family to his micro behaviour and empower them with the right resourceful state to achieve not only in academic and also in all walks of life.

Once we uncover the root of hindrance to the child’s growth, we will recommend him the right mastery transformation that will change his life unleashing the full potential.

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Mr Omar is the founder of Alfa Edu Centre in 1980 together with his...

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